JOSA advocates for an open and healthy Internet in Jordan. We continuously monitor Internet governance, Internet censorship, network throttling, net neutrality issues, and legal frameworks affecting the Internet’s openness.


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January 2019

Net Neutrality Recommendations Adopted by Jordan

In 2018, the Government of Jordan adopted our recommendations on net neutrality. The principles state that Internet Service Providers must treat the network equally, and avoid slowing down the Internet or charging differently based on the content the user is trying to access.

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Internet Shutdowns and Blocking of TikTok in Jordan: The Right to Access the Internet should be Preserved

In light of recent events, the Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA) emphasizes the right to access the Internet in Jordan, and asks for the removal of any obstacles standing in the way of communication.

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Blocking Clubhouse in Jordan: A Quick Analysis of Internet Censorship Methods in Use

Since March 15th, Clubhouse users in Jordan have been facing issues while connecting to the app on several networks. Indeed, ISPs are blocking access to the app, this article shows the methods in practice. By Issa Mahasneh.