This code of conduct determines the standards for the expected proper behavior, which is also what you should expect from all the other members of JOSA community.

BEWARE: In the case of knowing or suspecting that someone is violating the Code of Conduct, please come forward about it.

Read these regulations and abide by them alongside the other policies regarding your role. Commit to morals and always follow the wisest judgements. If you are asked to violate these rules, do not do that. Instead, report any worries regarding any violations to your team leader to help us build a better environment in order to live by our values and create a culture in which we can flourish and prosper. Be attentive to any behavior that doesn’t conform to our values, rules and policies. Do not ignore any violation regardless of its nature.


To whom does the code of conduct apply?

The Code of Conduct applies to all those who belong to JOSA community whether employees working in our offices, in their homes or from distance as well as all volunteers and members, all of which have the responsibility to abide by those rules. Every member of our community is expected to know these rules and abide by them which includes those who are in JOSA internal projects. Those rules apply to: team members, team leaders, suppliers and our partners. We expect from all team leaders and team members to abide by these rules and any underestimation of these rules or violation may lead to disciplinary procedures which include termination. We expect our suppliers, contractors and clients to abide by the conditions of the contract alongside our Code of Conduct. Not doing so may lead to the termination of their relationship with the community.


What happens if I violate the Code of Conduct?

Violation of the Code of Conduct and the related policies in the indicated manners, could lead to disciplinary procedures which can result in termination for employees, expulsion for members and permeant banishment for volunteers. In certain instances, Jordan Open Source Association might report these violations to the authorities which could lead to the following actions to be taken against the violator: Filing a lawsuit, imposing a fine, detention or arrest.