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Digital Rights

Internet Shutdowns and Blocking of TikTok in Jordan: The Right to Access the Internet should be Preserved

In light of recent events, the Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA) emphasizes the right to access the Internet in Jordan, and asks for the removal of any obstacles standing in the way of communication.

16 December 2022

Jordan Open Source Association

Digital Rights

Public cameras/CCTV in Amman

Ever been in a speeding car that was caught by a radar? The cameras that monitor our streets make them safer, but what does that mean for our privacy and rights to protest? This article answers these questions and raises concerns about the laws regarding our rights to privacy, by Yara AlRafie

21 August 2022

Yara AlRafie

Digital Safety

The Digital Footprint of Children: How to Protect Them From Unwanted Online Activity

As the use of the internet is becoming inevitable no matter how old is the user, it is crucial to protect those who might be exploited or exposed to content that is inappropriate to their age. Here are some tips for parents to ensure their children's online safety.

11 August 2022

Mohammad Habashneh

Digital Safety

Bypassing VPN Censorship

VPNs help bypass geo restrictions and has many benefits, yet it may be used for illegal reasons, unfortunately that means that authorities bypass the issue by banning VPNs altogether, which is unfair if our VPN use is not harmful. So how can we bypass the bypass of the bypass?

6 August 2022

Mahabba Akeel

Open Source Software

What is Open Source and Why

If you're following JOSA then knowing what Open Source is and working with FOSS is probably in your programming repertoire, but many others are unaware of the community, this article is a good primer to help your friends learn about Open Source definition and philosophy

1 August 2022

Mahabba Akeel