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Digital Rights

Is the Cybercrime Law Necessary as it Stands?

As information technology and computers became the nexus of human affairs, it is necessary to have a cyberspace that is fair and just. That doesn't necessarily mean that all cyber laws tackle the issues properly, in this post Yara Alrafie argues that the Cybercrime law in Jordan is redundant because it deals with crimes that are covered by the penal law, and it must therefore be revised.

13 July 2022

Yara AlRafie


Statement on the Targeting of Jordanians by Spyware

The Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA) denounces the targeting of multiple officials, activists, journalists and lawyers in Jordan through the «Pegasus» spyware -developed by the Israeli company NSO- and other hacking tools. JOSA expresses full solidarity with the targeted individuals and demands protection for those and for all Jordanians against such attacks.

25 February 2022

Jordan Open Source Association

Sanad App is Not Mandatory for Citizens

Jordanian citizens are not legally obligated to download the Sanad app in order to be allowed entry to shopping centers, banks or restaurants.

15 February 2022

Jordan Open Source Association

A National Charter for Artificial Intelligence Ethics is on the way

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship started a project to craft a national charter for artificial intelligence (AI) ethics in accordance to clauses of the Jordanian AI policy through a series of interactive workshops with the support of Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA)

Advocacy, Freedom of Expression

Freedom for our friend and human rights defender, Alaa Abdel Fattah #FreeAlaa

Our courageous friend and colleague, Egyptian activist and technologist, Alaa Abdel Fattah, must be released from his arbitrary detention immediately. He has endured intermittent jailing since 2011, and for the past two years, has been held in pre-trial detention at the notorious maximum-security Tora prison.

5 October 2021

Jordan Open Source Association