Introduction: We work for your right to privacy


Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA) cares about your privacy. Furthermore, our objectives include guaranteeing the right to privacy in Jordan. for years, we have been working in several areas to assure the principle of the right to privacy in Jordan, including our work on the enactment of the first regulation to protect the personal information in Jordan and demanding a better protection of Jordan privacy in numerous forums. We dedicated a significant part of our efforts against access to secret correspondences and monitoring. If you want to learn more about how privacy forms an essential part of our work, you can refer to this page.

Every reference to “JOSA”, “we” or “our Association” herein shall mean Jordan Open Source Association, which is a nonprofit organization registered in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, holding a national number 2011101100001, situated in Amman City. A part of the data processing operations, including collection, transfer and storage thereof, take place within the jurisdiction of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which might not provide the same legal protection of personal information set forth in the laws applicable in your country. (We work for improving legal protection in Jordan).

Through disseminating this privacy policy, we aim at clearly and simply explaining to you what information we collect and how it is used by us. We also explain the protection means adopted by our Association to prevent any infringement of personal information of the members and website visitors. We are committed to the entire content of this policy, which clearly explains how we use your information in case we obtain your explicit permission, as well as all rights you have in relation to such information.

The policy is applicable to all websites and applications provided by JOSA, including our main website and other websites administered by us.

In no way and under no circumstances we sell your personal information or members' and donors’ personal information. Moreover, we do not share such information with any third party unless we obtain your prior consent thereto, except if there is a legal obligation requiring the information to be shared. These rules are applicable to all members, donors, and visitors who join us, use our websites, or benefit from our services, whether online or offline.