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The Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA) is a non-profit organization that works for the promotion and implementation of the Open Source principles in Jordan.

JOSA organizes activities and lead initiatives in different fields, including Open Source software and hardware, Open Content and Free Culture, and digital rights.

JOSA’s main objectives are building a more open, collaborative Jordan, pushing technical skillset for the tech community in Jordan to a global caliber, ensure readiness of ICT graduates and defending Jordanians’ rights online.

Our Work

Digital Rights
Digital Rights
JOSA is defending Jordanians’ rights online and promoting an Open Internet in Jordan. JOSA's hacktivists, civic engaged techies and policy wonks are working on advocacy, policy recommendations, and promoting the adoption of security and privacy-enhancing technologies.
Open Jordan
Open Jordan
JOSA is building a more open, collaborative Jordan. From artists to creators, from makers to coders, JOSA is promoting openness, collaboration, sharing and crowdsourcing.
Tech Community
Tech Community
JOSA is pushing the technical skillset for the tech community in Jordan to a global caliber. Several sub-communities that adopts open technologies for web/mobile development, data science and DevOps.
ICT University Students
ICT University Students
JOSA is ensuring readiness of ICT graduates for the local and global markets. JOSA organizes technical trainings and by promoting Open Source technologies to help IT and Engineering students in Jordanian universities.

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