A series of internet blackouts were confirmed in the past few days, in coincidence with the ongoing truckers' protests and demonstrations by citizens over fuel hikes.

Several reports and social media users have confirmed that TikTok has been blocked on a nationwide level since this morning, this came after a series of Internet shutdowns Southern of Jordan, specially in the cities of Maan and Karak, which resulted in restricted Internet access on mobile phones and 4G services, whereas landline connections have not been disrupted.

We emphasize that Internet shutdowns and the blocking of applications negatively affect the rights of Jordanians, as they restrict more than one fundamental right safeguarded by the Jordanian constitution, especially the right to freedom of expression and the right to access to information.

We therefore demand Internet access and connectivity to be maximized, as Internet shutdowns are harmful to everyone, they have severe ramifications on people's lives and cause economic losses to all sectors.