JOSA is the not for profit organisation that works for a better Jordan through openness in technology.

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Can GPT Replace Doctors?

August 7, 2023

In the swiftly evolving AI landscape, GPT propels disruptive tech like ChatGPT with its remarkable capabilities. Assimilating vast internet data, GPT crafts coherent responses in medical diagnosis, recommendations, and patient interactions. Qusai Suwan explores in this article GPT's transformative impact on medical practice within the broader AI terrain.


JOSA: Open Technologies will Boost Jordan’s Digital Transformation Efforts

July 11, 2021

The Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA) welcomed the Council of Ministers acceptance of the National Strategy for Digital Transformation which considers open source software to be one of the digital transformation technologies. The strategy also adopts several points which will enable the creation of the infrastructure required for digital transformation, such as open data and open APIs.


Internet Shutdowns and Blocking of TikTok in Jordan: The Right to Access the Internet should be Preserved

December 16, 2022

In light of recent events, the Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA) emphasizes the right to access the Internet in Jordan, and asks for the removal of any obstacles standing in the way of communication.


A Policy for Open Source Cloud Computing in Jordan

August 13, 2020

The Jordan Open Source Association welcomes the Council of Ministers’ approval of the “Cloud Computing Services Policy", which shows the country’s readiness to adopt cloud solutions in the near future as well as open-source software in developing the cloud network locally, wherever possible.

Where JOSA's impact lies


Open Source Software

Modern IT infrastructure relies on open source software, that’s a fact. JOSA advocates for its adoption across the local technology sector, and encourages software developers to contribute to open source projects to improve their skills.


Open Source Hardware

JOSA believes that open source hardware can accelerate innovation, give access to manufacturing in low-resource settings, and enable creativity and collaboration.


Open Internet

We believe that the Internet should remain open and accessible for everyone, with no technical, legal, or physical barriers to devices, network, and content.



JOSA believes that information that is personal should be afforded legal and technological protections. Technology should be used for good, and not exploit our data for power and profit. JOSA pushes for legislation that protects users’ data, promotes strong encryption, and limits mass surveillance.


Digital Security

The Internet should be a safe space for everyone. JOSA believes that awareness of digital safety practices should be widespread, and digital security help should be made available for everyone without discrimination.


Open Knowledge

JOSA holds that knowledge should be freely and universally accessible. We also recognise the need to increase the availability of knowledge online in the Arabic language.


Open Government

JOSA pushes for more transparency in government through the release of open government data, improving access to government information, and releasing data and content under an open government license. We believe an open government improves accountability and is a driver to economic growth.