We aim to make it safer for people to be online through awareness and training sessions, online guides, and rapid response to emergency cases.



Our recent activities include:



Training Jordan’s teachers in digital safety

We conducted more than 16 training sessions in June and July 2020 on the topic of "Safe Internet Usage and Preserving Privacy During Remote Teaching", in partnership with the Salamat project.
The online sessions were targeted at teachers who were pushed to use technologies for remote teaching during the lockdowns brought by the pandemic. We were able to reach more than 160 teachers and we plan to reach more.



Digital security training for journalists

We conduct regular digital security training sessions for journalists and media professionals in Jordan. As an at-risk group, we believe journalists should be equipped with the skills and knowledge to protect themselves and their information online. Our sessions cover a variety of topics from safe communication, to secure file storage and transfer, and online anonymity.



JOSA emergency response

Our team of digital safety experts respond to emergency cases, free-of-charge. For people under attack, we provide rapid-response assistance (+962 77 070 0099). For people at risk or simply have enquiries, we help with all things related to your digital safety and provide tips to improve your digital security practices (

Did you know?

Ever wondered if the password you use to protect your online account is secure? This site will tell you how long it would take a computer to crack your password (the site is open source!): You should have a password that takes more than a few million years to brute-force for it to be considered secure.