Since 2011 JOSA has organised a multitude of events for the open source community. Whether it’s Drupal, Linux, Android, React, or Docker, our subcommunities have almost certainly tackled the technology in our bootcamps, workshops, and TechTalks.




We always welcome highly technical people to join our roster of speakers and trainers. Our current roster includes professionals from Expedia Group, Arabot, Mawdoo3, OpenSooq, and many more. Drop us an email at detailing the talk or workshop you wish to deliver and attach your CV. The topic should pertain to the open source movement, and not promote any company or closed source software.

Highlighted Activities

April 2021

JOSA TechTalk on Machine Learning and Graph Theory

Jordan Open Source Association's TechTalks finally returned after a long hiatus. We invited Mr. Sami Abu Al-Haija, a highly skilled AI researcher, to give an in depth talk about machine learning on graph structured data. Mr. Al Haija explained models training and the math of graph structured data, he also gave a sneak peak on his new research paper which uses this ingenious method to get generative models that yield large numbers of options, and how easier it is to train the models compared to GANs.

Did you miss the talk? No problem, you can watch it here.


January And February 2020

A six-day Data Science bootcamp

The bootcamp targeted developers and engineers seeking to learn more about data science and to pursue a position in the data science industry.  The bootcamp covered topics like "Obtaining and Cleaning data", "Visualization and Exploratory Data Analytics", "Machine Learning" and other advanced topics.

June And July 2019

Web Scraping Workshop

The two-day workshop was run by JOSA community member Ahmad Da'na. The object was to train participants on extracting data from the Web using open source tools.

Featured Articles

JOSA: Open Technologies will Boost Jordan’s Digital Transformation Efforts

The Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA) welcomed the Council of Ministers acceptance of the National Strategy for Digital Transformation which considers open source software to be one of the digital transformation technologies. The strategy also adopts several points which will enable the creation of the infrastructure required for digital transformation, such as open data and open APIs.

5 Reasons You Will Like our New Website (You can contribute to it!)

Our new JOSA website has been launched! But this is still the beginning, made primarily by the community to the community, the website is all yours and you are invited to contribute to it.

Did you know?

The International Space Station switched from using a Windows operating system to using Debian GNU/Linux. According to the United Space Alliance’s official statement: "We migrated key functions from Windows to Linux because we needed an operating system that was stable and reliable – one that would give us in-house control. So if we needed to patch, adjust, or adapt, we could."

What does “open source software” mean?

Have you ever used Android, Firefox, or Linux? Chances are very, very high that your answer is “Yes”. Open source software is a type of software whose building blocks (its code) is made available to the public through specific open source licenses, allowing people to view, modify, and use the code freely depending on the license.