JOSA works to increase government transparency and accountability through policy recommendations and government capacity-building workshops.



Our recent activities include:



Open government data workshops

JOSA organised virtual training workshops for government coordinators of open government data, and for e-government portal content liaison officers. The training course covered: open government data, the ten general principles of open data, methods for defining and preparing open datasets, preparing a data inventory form, and how to publish data on the open government data platform. Over 65 government agencies participated in the workshops.



Open government license

JOSA supported the government in redacting the open government license, the first-of-its-kind in Jordan. We worked to ensure it is compatible with standard open licenses such as the Creative Commons license.



Privacy and open government data

The Open Government Data (OGD) policy approved by the Council of Ministers in 2017 and co-written by JOSA, reaffirms the protection of personal data in the collection, storage, and publication of datasets. JOSA is monitoring its actual implementation through our membership in the joint committee on OGD and through a series of workshops delivered to government agencies.

Did you know?

While JOSA contributed to drafting Jordan's Open Government License, it’s also the first Jordanian legislative text that was pushed for public review on Github. You can view it here:

What does open government mean?

Open government holds that citizens have the right to access open government data, open government content, and have the freedom to request government information not legitimately classified as confidential. This, in turn, authorises citizens to participate in decision-making processes and allows for public oversight.