Saturday - 5 December

Inclusive AI - Voices from the Middle East

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AI has pervaded our day-to-day life, from algorithms that power our social media feeds, to cameras that detect our faces and unlock our phones, and banking systems that decide whether we’re eligible for a loan or not. But these smart engines are far from being neutral, as bias creeps into them in many different ways. In practical terms, a conversational agent trained on human conversations that are prejudiced in nature, will simply mirror that prejudice in every new response it forms. So whether through training data or whether it’s hard-coded into the system, AI today has reinforced pre-existing social equalities. The questions persists, how can we foster race and gender equality into AI systems?

In an attempt to advance the conversation, JOSA will be hosting speakers from across the Middle East to spotlight their experience working in AI and conducting research in the field. The webinar will deal with the topic of bias pertaining to gender and race in algorithms, and its impact on local society. The event will be co-hosted by the A+ Alliance and will be held on Zoom on Saturday the 5th of December from 17:00 to 18:00 Amman time (GMT+2). This webinar is one of many happening around the world dealing with this topic.


Nagla Rizk

Professor of Economics at AUC and Founding Director of the Access to Knowledge for Development Center

Nadine Jaradat

Data Science Team Lead at Arabot and JOSA Board Member

Manal Jalloul

Lecturer and researcher at AUB and Co-Founder of AI Lab Lebanon