New Ubuntu Design Created on Apple Mac


Many designers of the Ubuntu's new logo and theme worked on Mac platform using proprietary software.

The innovative branding adopted by Canonical's team consists of a new logo, boot screen, CD branding and a new cutting edge theme named "Light". Back in 2009, a review of Ubuntu's brand values and identity was conducted by a small team lead by CEO of Canonical Mark Shuttleworth, the results were shared with members of the Ubuntu Art community. The new theme will take effect in next April with version 10.04 and it will define Ubuntu's look and feel for several years.


Dave Walker, a Ubuntu community leader who was invited in Canonical's offices in London to preview the style changes and give opinions on how the community will interpret the new branding, wrote about his 'behind the scenes' experience with the design team.

The article published on "Linux User & Developer" did not explain how Ubuntu was used or if there were open source applications used in the design process. On the contrary, designers were using Apple Macs as Walker stated:

Interestingly, it would seem that many of the artists that created this new design were using Apple Macs and proprietary software as their developing platform. I’m a big believer in using the best tool for a job which leads to an important question. Is it that Ubuntu is lacking as an art and design platform and is not up to the task or is it, there aren’t any pedigree artists that are well skilled in using the Ubuntu desktop.

Walker said that "[t]he design team were keen to stress that they wanted to move towards using the Ubuntu desktop for their creations, but didn’t have enough familiarity at this point".

Many graphic designers prefer Apple Macs or Windows PCs to accomplish their work. Although Ubuntu provides open source graphics applications like GIMP and Inkscape in addition to a Ubuntu-based distribution for multimedia ( The choice not to use Ubuntu in the design of Ubuntu itself may confirm that Linux is not yet ready to be a practical platform for designers.



definitely the lack of the skills on the ubuntu platform is one of the major reasons why designers go for MAC or PC, which in the same time gives a very good reason for companies like Adobe and others to improve much rapidly than open source linux related applications.

But from a personal experience, it cant be hard to switch.

nice article!

Sad. That's why I moved away from Ubuntu. No real commitment to Free Software from Canonical.

Okay, this is absurd, imho.

If huge and complicated movies like Avatar were made using Ubuntu Linux, why can't simple interface be made using it?

Hard? Yeah right!
This story pretty much reminds of the camel that limps from its lips..

(In Arabic it's called: "7ajjeh far6a.")

This means only tha ubuntu is not obsessed nor is a radical ultra biased about to use or not software other than open source.

I'm a mac user . almost every software tool that I use for designing and programming is open source. komodo, Blender, Inkscape, Gimp, Mysql, apache, PHP ,the browsers, filezilla etc. I use mac only bcause of the hardware.

So what? The CPU inside every single Windows and Mac PC was designed on Linux (Intel uses Linux almost exclusively for their electronic design automation).

Nicolas, perhaps you missed the entire point of free software...which is to let people use whatever the heck they want, including windows and osx.

Regardless, I've designed a number of websites on ubuntu and never had any problem doing so. You just have to learn a slightly different way to do so.

A desperate family who gets a house to live in doesn't care what brand of hammer was used to do it. The end result is what counts.

I like both Mac OS X and Ubuntu. They're both awesome.
No wars!

Linux has good free and open source tools to do the job. Fedora has a mandate to follow a community process and use only the tools available within the distribution and produce consistently good results IMO. It is also a matter of following free software principles and dogfooding.

Ubuntu decided to use a mac for in the creation of their artwork not for the lack of a good tool on Linux. The Fedora project are the distro with the best artwork on Linux. Yet every single tool used in creating their artwork are free and open source software from gotten from fedora. The fact that Canonical does not believe in the quality of the softwares available on Ubuntu does not mean that software in Ubuntu are quality

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