JOSA TechTalks: Machine Learning

JOSA TechTalks: Machine Learning

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Saturday, August 22, 2015 - 3:30pm to 5:00pm
ZINC - Zain Innovation Campus
Jordan Open Source Association
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Data Sciences and Machine Learning have caught the attention of the global IT industry for some time now! With time, the skills required to collect data, analyze it, and model it to predict future trends are becoming a necessity to any successful company. In this TechTalk, we’ll present the basic concepts of Machine Learning alongside some simple -yet extremely powerful- tools to implement machine learning models.

Event Keywords: machine learning | python | scikit-learn | supervised learning | classification

We will present two sessions:

➀ Intro to supervised learning
By Sinan Taifour - Senior Google Engineer & CTO of

In this session, Sinan will introduce Supervised Learning, help you build an intuition about it, and walk you through an example with Python using scikit-learn. You'll see it is pretty straightforward, and you might find room to apply Supervised Learning in your current or next project!

➁ Machine Learning in Practice - Hussein Natsheh
By Hussein Natsheh - Data Mining entrepreneur, scholar, and founder of Ciapple

This session will talk about how to define a problem as a machine learning one. What are the steps toward reaching a satisfying solution from data preparation, feature engineering, evaluating suitable algorithms until releasing the model and putting it in practice. We will present a case study and go through some algorithms mostly implemented in Python.

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ZINC - Zain Innovation Campus
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