JOSA TechTalks: Hacking Compilers & Linux Shells

JOSA TechTalks: Hacking Compilers & Linux Shells

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Saturday, July 25, 2015 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Oasis500 - King Hussein Business Park
Jordan Open Source Association
Drupal Jordan
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Don't feel intimidated by the title, it's just Amjad Masad of Facebook and Samer Atiani of Liwwa introducing some of the advanced approaches and tools of development with the purpose of making your life much easier as a developer. It's going to be fun and hands-on, no worries!

➀ Hacking the Linux Shell
By: Samer Atiani - Cofounder and CTO, liwwa, Inc.
@Samer Atiani

In this session, Samer will go through some of the cool things you can do on the Linux command line and shell scripting. From powerful one-liners to full fledged HTTP servers in shell, the Linux shell is one of the most powerful development environments there is. The whole session will be conducted inside a terminal.

➁ Compilers, Transpilers, and Why you Should Care
By: Amjad Masad - Tech Lead on JavaScript Infrastructure, Facebook

Whether you want to simply adjust your editor's syntax-highlighting or you want to write a small domain-specific language to make certain tasks easier -- a knowledge of how compilers work is important. In this talk, Amjad will go over basic compiler knowledge and then talk more specifically about JavaScript transpilers and how they're changing the world of web development.

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