Drupal Meetup January

Drupal Meetup January

Date and Time: 
Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Zinc - Zain Innovation Center
Jordan Open Source Association
Drupal Jordan
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Meet with others in your local area interested in building and strengthening the Drupal Community. Discuss new and exciting Drupal-related news - or just socialize with like-minded people!

Drupal Jordan / Jordan Open Source Association is glad to invite you to our next Drupal Meetup, this time we are going to have two session (of 40 min each) and an open session at the end:

1- Social Media Integration in Drupal - by Suzy Masri (@suzimasri)

2- Panelizer and Fieldable Panel Panes - by Mohammed Abdel-Qader (@m.abdulqader)

We hope you are all coming, but make sure to confirm your attendance on Meetup.com, as we need to know the exact number of attendees to make preparations.

Enjoy the power of Drupal!

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