Some Palestinian Facebook Pages "Stupidly" Copy from Us

Issa Mahasneh

This post has been updated to include some clarifications click here to read them.

Open Source is about respecting others' efforts, not copying and stealing. In this post, Issa Mahasneh shows how several Palestinian open source Facebook pages are copy-pasting content from the Jordan Open Source Association not only without attribution, but claiming they did JOSA's work and making stupid mistakes.

Before some weeks I mentioned about how some Facebook pages and groups of several Palestinian open source communities are stealing content from us without providing proper attribution.

When we first converted our two-year old Creative Commons Jordan Facebook group to a page, we realized that after minutes, a similar page has been created for Creative Commons Palestine, although we know that creators of the page have nothing to do with currently almost non-existent Creative Commons supporters from Palestine.

A wider research shows that almost all the open source related pages from Palestine are just copying from Jordan Open Source Association and affiliated pages, the Palestine Free Software Community page for example has just a copy-paste description from our page, as you can see from the following image:

A Facebook page steals its description from Jordan Open Source Association

Copying without attribution is not only illegal, but it is ethically wrong and it is commonly known as plagiarism, see how the "Middle East Open Source Community" page -which is running from Palestine- copied from our page and changed our name with theirs!

Plagiarism, this is what they call it!

But since we all know that who blindly copies from others is not just non-creative but he is also stupid, as they are consequently copying all our content even without knowing what it is about, you can discover their level of stupidity and dumbness from a status they copied from us two days ago:

How is possible that Mozilla Palestine organized the Mozilla Meetup in Palestine?

They have copied a link from the 2011 Status of Mozilla Report that states that Mozilla Jordan organized the Arabic Mozilla meetup in Amman, in the description the "Palestine Mozilla Community" changed Mozilla Jordan to Mozilla Palestine, claiming that they organized the Arabic Mozilla meetup in Amman.

I restate that we have no problems with others that copy from our content but this should happen with a proper attribution, this is what Open Source and Creative Commons say, but they seem not to know anything about Open Source and how to respect others' works. They should educate themselves about Open Source principles before just creating these pages and stealing from us.




1- I apologize if my article has been understood as accusatory in regards of the Palestinian Open Source Community, when the article was first published it had a title that looked as if it was assuming the Facebook page named Palestinian Open Source Community was accused, something that I did not mean and I was very happy to change when I was first contacted by Mohammed Jebrini from the Palestinian Open Source Community.

2- The Palestinian Open Source Community has released an announcement about the article, I invite you to read it here. I take the opportunity again to stress on these great guys and the good work they are doing in the community.

3- I was informed that the four pages I mentioned in the article (as well as others) are administered by a single person, who formally apologized to the Jordan Open Source Association. Regarding this matter, I would like to say that is now solved and closed, we agreed on how similar actions will not be repeated and we will be happy to work on future collaboration and shared activities.

4- The article (as others on the blog) represents my personal point of view, that even if shared by different members of our organization, does not represent in any form the official opinion of the Jordan Open Source Association.


On a side note, I would like to thank Mohamed Saleh and Saed Shela, two formidable guys in the Palestinian IT community, their feedback and good words were really valuable. Mohamed is a great hardcore IT professional who I more-than-respect, and Saed is, first of all, a long time friend, university-mate and we cheer for the same football team... which is always a plus :)

Again, all my respect to the Palestinian open source community and other ICT communities. I hope the Palestinian-Jordanian communities will stronger cooperate for the good of open source and the society.



Dear Issa,

I respect what did you say, except one thing .. the Palestinian Open Source Community ( under this official name isn't steal anything from your pages ) I am one of the co-founders of that community and here is our links :

So please change your title from " Palestinian open source community " to another title reflect the real situations, what did you see on the Facebook is groups of universities students thats start FB pages and start copy/past contents and you shouldn't judge POSC for someone else mistake.


You are right Mohammed,
I used a general term "Palestinian Open Source Community" without meaning a specific page but a number of pages from the Open Source community from Palestine.
I can say here that the page you shared is not within the Facebook pages that are claiming our work as theirs. All the respect to you and your good work.
I am changing the title to: "Some Palestinian Facebook Pages"

issa's picture

Thanks for the 'must' clarification Mohammed.

Thank you Issa,

I am more than happy to invite you all to join the discussion about this in the Palestinian Geeks community " Peeks " in this page


Really? did Mozilla Palestine organise Mozilla Arabic regional meeting in "Amman" :P??? looool

I know how you must feel Issa, I am Palestinian and had the same experience with the same "single guy" that is copying from whatever he finds.

This is not a community effort. It is a single guy effort and unfortunately I know that guy. I'll ping him to stop doing this because it is shame for the whole open source ecosystem.

Thanks for the writeup and I second Jebrini opinion that you shouldn't generalize this, again this is no community work, it is a single guy.

Also it's not right to use words like "Stupidly" even if you're defending your rights! It's offensive enough to give a very bad impression of you and the entire community!
I think this article will need some edits to be more civilized, and an official Apologize to the Official Palestinian OSA, because you have just spread rumors about them, which can NOT be, in any way, acceptable. Please Edit immediately to save your own dignity before your inside community and that from outside, I'm sure it's going to spread itself badly.


if someone read the headline he will feel that the jordan rocket that will flying to the moon is stolen, there is no need to mention words like this way, and please don't talk about what you did, let it talk about you.

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