Open Source Owns the Web (Infographic)

Open Source Owns the Web (Infographic)

When you surf the Internet, have you ever thought of all the technologies that made the web possible? Thanks to Open Source technologies more than 360 million people are enjoying the web as we know. From web servers to client-side JavaScript libraries, open source dominates the Internet and Mohammad Khamash has the numbers.

The year of 2010 was full of upraises, coups d'etat and fights for people's freedom in every aspect of their lives. The web was not an exception; with the raise of free and open source technologies in the Internet and with Microsoft loosing many battles for monopolizing the Internet and all its aspirations to be the web's absolute dominant.

The Web Infrastructure:

We will begin from the first layer of the web infrastructure: the Operating System, with around 60% of the web servers running Linux (without counting other open source derivatives like BSDs and Open Solaris) against 27% of Windows Servers.

Moving one step up to the second layer: the web servers, considered to be the key element of the Internet infrastructure, we can notice a 60% market share for the open source Apache web server in 2011, leaving only 20% for Microsoft IIS. If we count up other open source servers, namely nginx and lighttpd, we will see that open source dominate more than 68.3% of all web servers.

The last piece of the web infrastructure is the server-side programing language with a stoning 75% market share for PHP, on the other hand, Microsoft ASP.Net is facing a decaying 23.1% share.

The Web Development Structure:

Talking about the underlying technologies that power the web is critical, but almost omittable for someone trying to launch his website, anyway, things are not different if we look from a developer point of view, in fact, open source is still the leading solution provider.

Making their life much easier, most of web developers are lately implementing their web sites using Content Management Systems (CMS). These make up 25% of all Internet's web sites, open source leads the way here as well, with a 54.7% market share for Wordpress. Summing-up the tailing other open source CMSs Drupal and Joomla, we can see that open source shares more than 72% of the market.

Other fast growing technologies are defining the new look of today's web 2.0: Javascript and Ajax, these technologies are now used in more than 40% of all web sites, and, not surprisingly, open source jQuery is leading with 75.8% share, followed by other open source libraries, MooTools with 12.8% and Prototype with 11.9% market share.

If we look at these statistics, we can only find that the major web technologies are open source, and it is not only about numbers, as we can realize the influence of open source on today's web by observing its use in the biggest web services and sites like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and many others.