2010: Open Source in Jordan




Android is the second most growing mobile OS in Jordan (the first is Samsung)..

I really don't where did you get such data, definitely Android OS is growing outside Jordan, but it's not the Second most growing OS in Jordan for the year 2010.

So far its Symbian and iOS are the most growing OS in Jordan in 2010.. as for Samsung note, I think it is a try to market the BRAND, that what it looks to me. On the other hand, can you please reply back with sources from which you got the "Mobile OS Stats". I've seen the DATA note, but would appreciate defining what source did you use for "Mobile OS Stats"



Can you really say "Samsung" is an OS? And MOICT baya3een 7ake. I look forward to Jordan being a leading Open Source contributor in the world, but I'll believe it when I see it.

The Mobile OS stats are taken from StatCounter Global Stats, in Jordan for the period from Jan 2010 to Dec 2010. (You can see them here).
You are right regarding the total usage share of Mobile OS in Jordan (Symbian -open source- is first), but we are talking here about growth rates. The highest growth rate is for Samsung (the source states it as Samsung -as OS- and not "bada", so we keep it as Samsung) and in second place we have Android.
Please share with us other statistics or sources, if available.

Well... it's not hard to be the fastest growing if you have no market share.
Last time I checked in random Phone shops in Amman I still didn't see any Android phones.... Unfortunately... :(

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